mobius square is a puzzle game where you try to clear lines to beat levels. How do you win? Beat level 10! Sound easy? Did we mention you have a timer? And when it runs out, you lose a shield? And when you have no shields, you lose? Don't worry though, clearing a line resets the timer. So keep clearing lines!

If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it! Leave it in the comments.

The game can be played in browser or downloaded on Windows or OSX.


joshuaempyre (theme) (view license)

mike keoning (line clear) (tile movement) (view license)


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mobius square (Windows) 15 MB
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Game is fun but a couple things I noticed.

1) The controls feel a bit wonky to me. It seems odd to have to hold the spacebar button to not move blocks and then let it go to move blocks. I feel like this should be the other way around. You move around freely, then have to hold spacebar to move the block.

2) It would be nice if you could access some sort of sound controls from within the game besides that start screen.

3) There is a lot of empty black space on the screen when playing. Could a nice background be made? or perhaps have the blackground flash colors when you make matches... something

4) The person who commented above me (Mechie) makes a good observation about the replay-ability. An endless mode would be great.

5) I noticed this is only available for winodws an osX? are there plans to release a mobile version? I would find this much more entertaining on my phone as a time killer.

Overall fun game thought. Nice job.


Pretty fun, but a bit too easy to beat (which really cuts down on replayability). After running through the tutorial (cute prompts :D), I was able to beat it on normal and hard on the first run of each. I didn't lose any shields either time. Would adding an endless mode be a possibility? Or perhaps anchored tiles/gray tiles, which either can't be moved, or can't be matched.

Have you experimented with adding some kind of animation/tweening when the rows/columns are shifted? Just moving the squares' colors is kind of confusing, visually.

I liked it overall :)